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Jackson Carriers Services was started by Quincy Jackson 20 years ago. Quincy started as an independent contractor for the Times-Picayune as a newspaper carrier. Quincy later got into delivering medical supplies, medical labs, and small packages. We now have drivers who can make home deliveries of patient pharmacies as well as medical supplies, labs, and last-mile delivery. Mrs. Jackson started her business small, however, they made over 300 deliveries in a day throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

delivery man smiling while inside the car with packages

Taking care of all your delivery and shipping needs.

  • Jackson Carriers Services is a local delivery service that specializes in same-day pick-up and delivery.
  • Our team has extensive experience handling time-critical logistics in Louisiana.
  • We are available 24 hours a day to handle all your scheduled runs or “on-demand” deliveries. One-hour and Three-hour services are available.
  • We offer Public Warehousing that is available to you for the storage of various electronic parts or handling your light distribution needs.
  • Our delivery professionals are uniformed and drug-screened to render services professionally.
  • Our delivery professionals also have cellular phones for quick and easy communication to check the status of your delivery order.
  • Jackson Carriers Services offers 24-hour service, seven days a week, for your convenience.
  • Our computerized dispatching system guarantees that your delivery will be handled promptly and will be delivered to the correct location.
  • We have detailed invoicing that makes it convenient for you to reconcile your charges.
  • The company is fully insured for all perils for your liability security.
  • We are a Louisiana homegrown business, therefore we are truly concerned about the success of your business within the state.

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